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About CORALations

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CORALations is a nonprofit coral reef conservation organization based in the Caribbean.  Our mission is:  To CONSERVE, NURTURE, and EDUCATE. CORALations was founded in 1995 as a nonprofit corporation in Puerto Rico. It is a membership organization registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in the United States. Donations to CORALations are tax deductible.

About CORALations

CORALations has identified projects a non-governmental organization can Brain Coralinitiate to contribute to the conservation of Caribbean coral reefs.  CORALations' conservation projects are conducted using a multidisciplinary task force of scientists, engineers, and other professionals as advisors.  The organization works to maximize limited conservation resources by uniting government agencies, academia, and the private sector on accomplishing specific coral reef conservation objectives.


CORALations' Organizational Focus and Philosophy

We recognize that the current complex problems facing our coral reef ecosystem need to be addressed at a "grassroots" or community level. We recognize that community empowerment through education is integral to changing those behaviors which are impacting coral reefs. However, we also recognize that achieving the benefits of strictly educational programs takes time, time our coral reefs no longer have. CORALations therefore combines the implementation of aggressive conservation initiatives with public education and community participation. These initiatives focus on "real time" solutions to coral reef conservation and address the modification of two human behaviors impacting Caribbean coral reefs: pollution of coastal waters, and direct physical damage.


Coral Reef Conservation Navigators

Gray AngelCORALations  is committed to directing persons with specific coral reef conservation concerns toward taking effective action. We assist those interested in obtaining information, educational materials, and/or workshops for their communities on a wide range of topics including: point and non-point source coastal water pollution, local and federal environmental legislation, mooring buoy installation and maintenance, unexploded ordnance removal and associated environmental contamination, and volunteer coastal water quality monitoring. If we cannot help directly, we will provide knowledgeable contacts and/or programs within agencies, universities and/or other non-governmental organizations.


CORALations works to conserve healthy coral reef ecosystem through the establishment of "no-take" marine fishery reserve areas. We provide assistance to local scientists collecting data to support marine reserve areas. We press for and support legislation to protect coral reef and marine fisheries and review and comment on the sustainability of environmentally questionable construction projects. We are committed to improving the quality of our coastal waters through zero-discharge advanced wastewater treatment technologies. CORALations is a member of The Clean Water Network (CWN), an alliance of more than 1000 organizations that works toward the implementation of strong clean water legislative safeguards to protect human health and the environment.


CORALations offers habitat enhancement projects and is involved in reef restoration and research. CORALations leases Reef Ball™ artificial reef systems for the islands of Puerto Rico. These artificial reef modules provide habitat for fish and settlement areas for corals. Reef Balls™ are made from environmentally friendly concrete designed to mimic natural reef in appearance. Reef Balls™ artificial reef modules are comparatively inexpensive to deploy and have proven stable during tropical storms and hurricanes.  CORALations donates Reef Ball™; molds for university research projects and limits itself to leasing artificial reef systems for mitigation projects resulting only from previous damage to reefs. The organization works to obtain sponsors and publicity for highly visible community reef restoration activities. For more information on Reef Ball™ artificial reef systems, visit

TO EDUCATE: Spiny Urchin

CORALations educates the public about the importance of the coral reef ecosystem and threats to this ecosystem. It conducts outreach programs at schools and in local communities.

CORALations established and administers a Conservation Youth Corps, where local teens learn ocean conservation issues by participating hands-on in marine biological field research. Activities include post-hurricane coral restoration and monitoring, volunteering with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife's sea turtle nesting program, bioluminescent bay expeditions, and general coral reef and sea-grass observation field trips. Youth Corps participants are then encouraged to take part in educational outreach presentations to share their knowledge and experiences with peers and adults in a public forum.

CORALations distributes bilingual educational materials on the coral reef ecosystem to schools and to the general public, and helps interested organizations and municipalities to produce regionally-specific educational displays and brochures.


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